Monday, June 14, 2010

Sapling Growth

The view of the future...

Warm weather has arrived at Walnut Ridge; however,tonight was rather enjoyable. A front was moving through which provided a nice cool breeze while I was bush hogging. Occasionally there will be a deer or other animals watching me mow. I only saw where deer had been--the grass is really matted down. Hopefully they keep using the land until winter when I can put one of them in the freezer.

Southwest view

Southeast--taken from tractor

Early March the six of us worked to plant almost 250 saplings: Loblolly Pine, Norway Spruce, White Oak, Tulip Poplar, Hazelnut, Persimmon, Redbud, White Dogwood, and Sumac. Included in the post are pictures of some of the saplings with three months growth. We had mixed results with a few saplings not making it through spring, but many did. We learned a lot about how to plant them and how to better care for them. Next spring we'll do it all again...with even better results...maybe.

Hazelnut Sapling

Oak Sapling

Norway Spruce Sapling

Loblolly Pine Sapling

Sumac Sapling

Persimmon Sapling

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  1. Wow! Wow!
    If Kym sees this, there will be weeks of dealing with jealousy and envy.
    Looks great! We'll definitely be visiting you guys out there one day.